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Terms of Use

Use of this site implies acceptance of terms and conditions below. It is recommended reading them carefully. DATA NODE srl. reserves the right to change these provisions without another notification. The latest version can be found on page 'Terms of Use'. Information provided must be accurate. In the process of communication with us, you bind yourself to give us the correct name, email address, phone and other useful information. Using false or outdated informations makes us unable to contact you or to sign a valid contract.

By accessing contracted servers and using personal passwords you are responsible for all actions arising from their use. DATA NODE srl. can not be held responsible for errors arising from neglect on the security and confidentiality of user account and password. DATA NODE srl. can not be held responsible for errors arising from user actions on the operating system or programs running on the server.

Services description

Through DATANODE.EU you can contract services for hosting servers or other equipment in the Timisoara's datacenter. Hosting servers are offered with own equipment or client equipment. Details specific to each type of service can be traced to the offer. If requesting a change to a subscription / options during the promotional offer, the offer loses its validity.

Policy against abuse

For maintaining services at an optimum operating level for all customers, DATA NODE adopts a tough policy against all types of potential abuse or behavior problems. We want to make known these conditions to discourage from the start abnormal behaviors.

Thus DATA NODE does not allow the use of its services for illegal, with threatening, defamatory or fraudulent purposes. Also are not permitted materials that contain statements, claims or misrepresentations likely to deceive or mislead.
Sending unsolicited messages (SPAM) of any kind might be, is strictly prohibited. We want a cleaner internet which is why we can not accept such practices.
Other types of abuses are unacceptable vulnerability tests, attempts to interrupt or make unusable other services, actions aiming at obtaining information or privileges without permission, misuse / overuse of system resources (CPU, memory, number of files, flood DDoS, etc.)..
DATA NODE reserves the right to block access to their resources and services to certain IP addresses in case of detection of suspicious or potentially harmful activities. Also, depending on the nature and seriousness of the facts DATA NODE may temporarily or permanently suspend services.

Uptime Guarantee

The availability is measured for a month, excluding periods of maintenance. Maintenance periods will be scheduled whenever possible during the night and will be announced in advance. During normal operation of the service is guaranteed availability of 99.9%. In exceptional circumstances of force majeure such as war, social or political instability, natural disasters, actions by authorities, prolonged interruption of power supply, unavailability of communications from external causes can not be completely controlled DATA NODE can not guarantee proper operation services.

At Customer's request, if the monthly uptime if less than the guaranteed 99.9%, DATA NODE undertakes, to credit the Customer as follows:

Monthly Uptime Percentage Days of Service added,
at no charge to the Customer
< 99.9% - ≥ 99.0% 3
< 99.0% - ≥ 95.0% 7
< 95.0% 15


Any litigation arising in connection with use of services will be resolved amicably. In case of failure to solve the dispute amicably, the parties may apply to the competent court in Timisoara.

Additional Details

Prices do not include VAT. Bills are issued in RON using the BNR exchange rate for the day of the invoice.

You can address additional questions or comments using the Contact section of the site.