We are working in the web hosting and internet service providing industry for more then 10 years. We are successfull and reliable in this branch for a long time.


To ensure all services are up and running around the clock and virtually eliminate the risk of a single point of failure, we have built a secure data center with redundant power and redundant switching and routing.


The datacenter is powered from two separate power lines through two 1 MVA industrial electrical transformers 300KVA diesel generator for backup. Completely automated system for detecting power failures and switching between power lines / generator.


Fiber-optic ring with Orange MSC Timisoara where all major Internet providers have a point of presence. Multiple gigabit connections with the following providers: RDS, UPC, EuroWeb, NetVision and private peering with DomiNet. Constant monitoring of bandwidth to keep the usage below 50% of the total capacity.

Climate control:

Distributed tubular system backed by multiple 48.000BTU cooling units. Hot aisle/cold aisle configuration to control the air flow for lower energy usage


We are constantly investing in new equipments to meet the actual requests in terms of performance and low energy consumption. All our dedicated servers have integrated Remote Management.


Total area of 120 sqm and a capacity of 1.000 servers. Availability to expand the surface to 400 sqm and the capacity to over 2.000 servers.